SAVED OVER $21,000

Rick, Arizona Investor

SAVED OVER $70,000

Michael S., Arizona

SAVED OVER $16,000

Terri & Richard, Our 1% Listing Client

Why would you use a
Flat Fee MLS Listing Service ?



a greater profit!

US Government Approved – A recent U.S. Department of Justice study found: “Consumers Can Save Thousands of Dollars” by using a flat fee MLS service when selling their property”

Property owners, For Sale by Owners and real estate investors who live in states that permit the option to choose a innovative brokerage option such as flat fee MLS listing service can potentially save thousands of dollars by receiving a higher net profit at the close of escrow.

If you are considering using the flat fee MLS listing there are some things to consider other than just the savings.

  • You will be doing the all legwork a full service agent normally does. Time is Money
  • You will receive the basic real estate forms but also receiving a “Limited Agency” relationship with your listing agent and may be missing the knowledge of a full service agent regarding the required disclosures, real estate legal ramifications of failing to complete those disclosures properly, contractual date-sensitive clauses, and the legal and financial ramifications of failing to meet those dates.
  • You could be responsible for negotiations with the buyer or the buyer’s agent.

There’s more, but I think you getting the idea.

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